E-mails sent to Sega.com by 8bitsonic
A reasonable question to Sega that (although I think everybody knew the answer) takes three e-mails to be cleared... I think Sega is wondering why the hell are some people asking so much questions about the SMS lately! :)
Hi, Thoja. 8bitsonic here. (you know me) After reading your ridiculous emails
to Sega, and reading their even more ridiculous and self-promoting replys, I
decided to temporarily change my name to a German one, and send them an email with a question that I've been thinking about for a long time. Here it is:

formID: 1
FirstName: Ralph
LastName: Klammerschadt
EmailSubject: 2 great games
EmailContent: Will you be releasing versions of Out Run and/or Space Harrier
for the Dreamcast or any future system? I love those games.

So,  A German guy is asking if Sega is going to re-release Out Run and Space
Harrier in the future. Sounds reasonable. Here was their reply:

Thank you for your interest in Sega.  In our attempt to assist you as quickly as possible, we have sent this automatic reply to you based on the most common sets of questions we receive from our customers.
If the following text does not answer your question(s) or address your
concern(s), please reply and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Thank you,
Sega Technical Support

So they send me this, and about 20 links to pages on how to repair your
Dreamcast. Weird. But since they said I could, I emailed them telling them
their auto email did not answer my question, and here it is:

Your auto email did not answer my question.

And they wrote:

Thanks for contacting Sega!  Your inquiry is being sent to the first
available customer support specialist for prompt handling.
Best Regards,
Customer Service Center
Sega Of America, Dreamcast

And their last email, which managed to answer my question and be ridiculously
self-promoting at the same time:

Dear Mr. Klammerschadt,
Thank you for e-mailing Sega Technical Support.
I don't show those two titles currently on any of our future release lists,
but that doesn't mean that they won't be released, We just do not have any information at this time.  Thank you and have a nice day!
To get the maximum gaming experience, we strongly recommend only using Sega licensed products, such as controllers.
Want to sign up for the Sega Newsletter or let us know what products you have bought?  Go online and register your new purchases at
Sega of America Technical Support

Ok, those two games don't look like they're going to be released too soon,
but who the hell is talking about Sega controllers or the Sega newsletter?!
One sentence to describe Sega: Great games, great systems, very poor service.

Note from Thöja: Yeah, these people at Sega seem to have an interesting fixation with using licensed controllers. They summarize their reply (if any) to ten words, and then you get ten lines of "tips for getting the maximum gaming experience" :) Oh, at least they must have had a hard time writing your fake surname!