My SMS collection
I couldnīt resist showing my collection to the internet world... Hey, I started my collection with about 30 games, and now I have 130! And itīs growing slowly but safely. Please note that these games below are NOT for sale. Obviously, "C" means cart, "B" means box, and "I" means instructions :)
After Burner CIB
Alex Kidd in Miracle World CIB
Alex Kidd: High Tech World CB
Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars CIB
Alex Kidd in Shinobi World CIB
Alien 3 CIB
Alien Syndrome (US) CB
Altered Beast CIB
Aztec Adventure CIB
Bank Panic (cart) CB
Basketball Nightmare CIB
Batman Returns CIB
Battle Out Run CB
Black Belt CIB
California Games CB
Captain Silver (Euro version - full 6 stages) CIB
Castle of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mouse CB
Chase H.Q. (Taito) CIB
Choplifter CIB
Cloud Master CIB
Cloud Master (with Wanted text on the back!) CIB
Cyborg Hunter (Activision) CB
Danan: The Jungle Fighter CB
Dead Angle CIB
Double Dragon CIB
Double Hawk CB
Dynamite Dux CIB
Enduro Racer CIB
F-16 Fighter (cart) CIB
Fantasy Zone CIB
Fantasy Zone II CIB
Fantasy Zone: The Maze CIB
Forgotten Worlds CIB
Gangster Town CIB
Gauntlet CIB
Ghost House (cart) CIB
Ghostbusters CIB
Ghouls'n Ghosts CIB
Global Gladiators CIB
Golden Axe CIB
Golvellius: Valley of Doom CIB
Great Baseball CB
Great Basketball CIB
Great Volleyball CIB
Great Volleyball (with Wonder Boy III label!) C
Hang On (card) CI
Hang On & Safari Hunt CIB
Impossible Mission CIB
Kenseiden CIB
Kingīs Quest CIB
Kung Fu Kid CIB
Land of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mouse CIB
Lemmings CIB
Lord of the Sword CIB
Marksman Shooting/Trap Shooting/Safari Hunt CB
Master Games I CIB
Mercs CB
Michael Jacksonīs Moonwalker CIB
Miracle Warriors: Seal of the Dark Lord CIB (with map)
Miracle Warriors: Seal of the Dark Lord CB
Monopoly (US - "Mono Poly" label) CIB
My Hero (cart) CIB
Ninja Gaiden CIB
Operation Wolf CIB
Out Run CIB
Out Run 3D (yay!) CIB
Paperboy CB
Penguin Land CB
Phantasy Star CIB
Power Strike CIB
Predator 2 CIB
Pro Wrestling CIB
Psychic World CIB
Psycho Fox CIB
Quartet CIB
R-Type CB
Rainbow Islands CIB
Rambo First Blood Part II (US) CB
Rambo III CB
Rampage (Sega) CIB
Rampart CIB
Rastan CIB
Renegade CIB
Rescue Mission CIB
Rocky C
Sagaia CB
Secret Command CIB
Sega Chess CIB
Shadow Dancer CIB
Shangai (US) CB
Shinobi CIB
Shooting Gallery CB
Sonic the Hedgehog CIB
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 CIB
Sonic Chaos CB
Space Harrier CB
Special Criminal Investigation (Taito SCI) CIB
Speedball CIB
Spellcaster CB
Spy vs Spy (card) CIB
Streets of Rage CIB
Strider 2 CIB
Summer Games CIB
Super Off Road CIB
Super Tennis (cart) CIB
Teddy Boy (cart) CIB
Tennis Ace CB
The Cyber Shinobi CB
The Ninja CIB
Thunder Blade CIB
Time Soldiers CIB
Transbot (cart) CIB
Vigilante CIB
Wanted CIB
Wimbledon CB
Wimbledon II CIB
Winter Olympics CIB
Wonder Boy CIB
Wonder Boy in Monster Land CIB
Wonder Boy III: The Dragonīs Trap CIB
Wonder Boy in Monster World CIB
Wonder Boy in Monster World (Classic SMS series packaging) CIB
World Grand Prix CB
World Grand Prix (Canadian) CIB
World Soccer CIB
Xenon 2: Megablast CIB
Y's: The Vanished Omens CB
Zillion CIB
Zillion II: Tri Formation CIB

That makes a grand total of... 130 games!!
I also have some stuff for trade, but itīs so crappy that I doubt youīll be interested... Anyhow, if you are, donīt hesitate to drop me a line!

World Soccer (EURO) CIB - Cart and box cover are mint, box itself is bad
Alien Syndrome (US) C (broken) B - Cart is missing the chip, box cover is good
Penguin Land (US) CB(colour photocopy) - Fair condition
Great Baseball (US) CB - Fair / Good condition
After Burner (EURO) CIB - Cart and box cover are mint, box itself is bad
Pro Wrestling C Cover (US) - Only cart and box cover, both in pretty good condition
And Iīm looking for...
Segascope 3D glasses
RC Pro Am
Action Fighter
Golden Axe Warrior
Ultima 4
Japanese Haja no Fuuin (Miracle Warriors)
Any Brazillian game

Hmm...and more stuff Iīm sure Iīm forgetting ;)
Iīm sure you all wanted to see a pic of some of the stuff in my collection, heh?