SMS Docs
• The SMS Faq, v 2.08  Created by Jeff Bogumil
The Foreign SMS Faq, v 2.5  Created by Clint Dyer
SMS Rarity list in the US  Writen by Benjamin Lawson
World SMS Rarity list  Writen by Nathan Page
Mark III software list  Writen by Yoneda Mitsunori
Alternate Japanese game titles  Writen by Robert Worne
SMS Pro Action Replay codes A-Z  Compiled by Richard Good
SMS cover scans

Scanned by me with my cool new scanner :)
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• Out Run 3D
Phantasy Star
Miracle Warriors
Alex Kidd in Shinobi World
Wonder Boy in Monster World (classic SMS packaging)
King's Quest

SMS ads and catalogs
Also scanned by me, and will open a new window
• Spanish magazine ad from 1990
Spanish magazine ad from 1990 (another)
• Spanish magazine ad from 1990 (yet another one. This one is a bit messy, but the image was pretty big and the parts just didn't want to match!) new!
• Spanish magazine ad from 1992 for the SMS 2 new!
• Spanish ad for the Power Base Converter (1993) new!
• Spanish magazine ad for various games (1993) new!
• Spanish ad for Land Of Illusion and Batman Returns (1993) new!
• SMS Games catalog 1 
Cover  Back
• SMS Games catalog 2 
Cover  Back
• SMS Games catalog 3 
Cover  Back
• SMS Games catalog 4 
Cover  Back
• Spanish SMS games catalog booklet 
Cover  Inside example
SMS midis
These were not created by me, but unfortunately I don΄t know who made them. So, I won΄t mention the names, if you created some of these, drop me a line!
• Wonder Boy in Monster Land:  [
Welcome] [Baraboro]
• Wonder Boy 3: The Dragon΄s Trap:  [
Meka Castle] [Seashore] [Lair] [Town]
• Ys: The Vanished Omens:  [
Title] [Minea] [Unknown name]
• Fantasy Zone:  [
• Alex Kidd in Miracle World:  [
Stage 1]
• Hang On:  [
Main tune]
• Out Run:  [
Passing Breeze] [Last Wave] [Magical Sound Shower]
• Rampage:  [
Title Music]
• Space Harrier:  [
Main Theme]
• Phantasy Star:  [
Dungeon] [Battle] [Palma] [Title] [Tower] [Town]
• The Ninja:  [
Stage 1]
SMS manuals
Sometime in a near future, this will feature typed manuals of some certain games. Since typing manuals is boring as hell, and I΄m lazy as hell too, at the moment there΄s only the SMS 1 system manual, scanned and sent to me by Danny Ruiz. Thanks Daniel!

cover] [contents] [page 1] [page 2] [page 3] [page 4] [page 5] [page 6] [page 7] [page 8] [page 9] [page 10] [page 11] [page 12] [page 13] [backcover]
SMSAmp - Winamp 2 skin

For those of you that still haven't upgraded to that silly Winamp 3, here's a skin to replace your Britney Spears one.

It took me two really boring days to complete it, and it still has some little errors that I'll never fix, but if you have done Winamp skins before, you'll know it's a complete pain in the ass, so I still can't understand how did I have enough patience to complete it...

However, I guess it has managed to retain certain SMS feeling, so download and enjoy!

SMS Files
Yes, this is the Files section. A compilation of useful documents, informations and pictures about the Sega Master System. I try to offer original and unique content, so nearly all the scans have been made by myself. All the documents have been writen by other people and taken from other places, though, so if you want your document to be removed from here, just let me know. Also, if you΄ve writen something about the SMS that you think is interesting and would like it to be available here, don΄t hesitate to send it to me. Thanks and enjoy!