European package variations
The SMS in Europe was released in around 1988, I think, depending on the countries. That's the year it came to Spain if I remember well. Since then there have been lots of packages and variations, from the glory days to the desperate last ones, when prices dropped and anything had to be done to persuade people for buying an SMS. Here is a list of most of the European packages, but watch out, since I made this list, it will surely be incomplete :)
Master System
Base System in Canada, it was the basic package we could get (which I did).
It came with the console, all hook ups, two control pads and the game Hang On (card version, without box but with manual and plastic sleeve). Hang On was built-in in later editions. I still remember the day I bought mine...ahhh...
Master System Plus
Called Master System package in Canada.
Slightly better choice than the Master System package, but obviously more expensive.
It included everything featured in the previous package, with two exceptions:
The Sega Light Phaser was included too, and the games this time were Hang On and Safari Hunt. I haven't seen a single HO/SH cart in Spainin my life, so I guess they were built-in.
Super System
Called SegaScope 3-D System in Canada, by the way, this was the package we all wanted to buy... and the package that not a single parent wanted to buy, because of its ridiculously high (at the time) price.
It included anything we could dream of: the console, all hook ups, two pads, the Light Phaser, the 3-D glasses, and the game Missile Defense 3D...and a bigger box :)
Master System Alex
One of the last (if not the last one) SMS 1 package variations, released in the early nineties, featured a simple package, that included the console, two control pads, all hook-ups and the game Alex Kidd in Miracle World built-in. Alex began to become quite popular here, since everybody who bought an SMS back them, had to have the game if they wanted or if not, and considering the prices of the carts back then, it had to be played for several months before getting new titles (yes I know, there were rich people, yes).
Master System II Alex
It was the first of the SMS 2 packages, released shortly after the previous package, and continued to feature Alex Kidd as the main attraction. Everybody considered Alex Kidd as the Sega mascot, forgetting about good old Opa Opa (who never was a real Sega mascot, although the Zillion manual tries to make us believe so). Oh, anyway, who cares? A console, one (one!!) pad and Alex Kidd built-in.
Master System II Sonic
Second SMS 2 package, this time it included two control pads (including only one was a really crappy decision...), the SMS 2 console, Alex Kidd in Miracle World built-in, and the new main attraction, Sonic. Everybody started considering Sonic as the true Sega mascot, forgetting about good old Alex Kidd...etc, etc, ok.
Master System II Plus
Another choice for SMS players of the early-mid nineties was to purchase this package. It included again only one controller (how crap!), the usual Alex Kidd in Miracle World built-in, and the Light Phaser, that was still alive but nobody really cared about it. But the 3D glasses had even worse luck, since nobody really remembered them.
The crappy Operation Wolf cart was also included, in order to practice with the Light Phaser, and everybody started considering the guy on the cover as the true Sega mascot, forgetting about blah blah. He he, that's not true, it was only a stupid joke, he he. I'm pathetic sometimes.
Master System II Pack II
This silly name presented one of the last SMS packages ever released. It tried to include lots of attractive stuff, while keeping a low price, so if people wasn't interested by this, then the SMS had to die. It included one control pad (I hated that), Sonic built-in (no more Alex Kidd, sigh), and a cart called "Master Games" that featured World Soccer, Super Monaco GP and Columns.
Let's face it, the choice of the games was pathetic, since maybe two carts with say, four good classic SMS games each would have helped sell the system a lot. But that's how it was, not a bad package, but neither a 'shitting in your pants' one.
Well, this is a brief summary of the packages that appeared in Europe (focusing in Spain, as always). I'm sure there were some other different packages in the UK, France or even in Spain, but as soon as I find more info, they will be posted here. Of course and as always, you can help making this section more complete. Send me your info and a pic if possible of non-listed packages here!.