The Gallery
Welcome to the gallery, aka stolen and not scanned by me stuff...
Yes, this section features pics of interesting / weird /not-often-seen stuff, mostly taken from eBay and Japanese auctions. An uncontrollable and motivated by jealousy desire of stealing some pics of stuff I will never have :)
Oh, if you're the author of these scans, and you don't want these pics to be here, just
let me know :) All pics load in a new window.
Common SMS package, [box] [inside]: Not exciting but hard to see in such a good condition.
Japanese SMS, [
box] [another box] [inside] [complete set]: Nice item, with that FM chip built-in.
Japanese Mark III, [
box] [inside] [complete set]: We all want to have one of these, but what for, actually? :)
Japanese SMS control  pad, [#1] [#2]: Same as the US/Euro one, but with that nice Japanese box.
The Sega 3D Glasses, Japanese]: Boxed!
Japanese Mark III Paddle Controller]: Hmm, for use with Alex Kidd BMX Trial.
Sports Pad [
European] [box] [Japanese]: So hard to find in Spain...
Control Stick [
#1] [#2]: And I still haven't found one!
Rapid Fire Control Stick]: Now this is interesting, a package with a Control Stick and a Rapid Fire Unit. I haven't seen it in my life.
Bike Handle, [
box] [Bike Handle]: Obscure peripheral for the Mark III, for use with racing games (I would love to play Hang On with this!)
Japanese Rapid Fire Unit]: In original box.
Japanese Ghost House
My Hero
Japanese Haja no Fuuin (Miracle Warriors) [
cover] [cover 2] [back]
Parlour Games: Gotta love Japanese covers, with those onomatopeyic sounds, "ptoing", "shhhip"
Japanese After Burner [
cover] [back]
Super Tennis: More "swoosh" and "wow" :)
Japanese "
The Castle"
Japanese SG-1000 "
Girl's Garden": What a cheesy cover!
Japanese Zaxxon 3D [
cover] [back]
Japanese Spellcaster
[front] [back]
Japanese Solomon's Key [
front] [back]
Japanese Great Golf [
cover] [back]
Japanese Penguin Land [
cover] [back]: This time it's "grrooo" and "wow"
Phantasy Star
Japanese Tensai Bakabon [
cover] [back]
Misc. stuff
Japanese Alex Kidd toys [#1] [#2] [#3] [#4] [#5]: Now this is weird. #1 and #2 are some kind of board game, to play when you're bored of Trivial Pursuit, and pics #3, #4 and #5 are something like a metal case to store your pens, but... with wheels! A really cute thing, imagine bringing this to the university.
Sega bottle of wine: Really nice to get drunk with this in special occasions.
After Burner music tape: for your walkman.
Out Run music [
#1] [#2]: by the famous SST Band.
Mark III magazines (?): I don't exactly know what these things are, but they look like special guides for certain Mk III games, or magazines with huge Mk III coverage. Cool items, for sure!