Every website has to have some interactive section, where visitors can leave feedback, make questions, e-mail and so on. So, this is the right place, and maybe the most important part of The Ela Fountain, because without your support, The Ela Fountain will slowly lose its spirit, self esteem, motivation and will fade away to be totally forgotten... :) No, seriously, this is the section where you can participate in our forums, guestbook, or contact me for whatever you want. Questions, memories, comments, everything is welcome!
Current guestbook
This is where you can leave your comments about the Ela Fountain, or anything related. Make sure I know you've been here!
Old guestbook
Don't place your messages here, this is just the old guestbook the Ela Fountain used to have, you can read about its past visitors.
Just the usual message board / forum, always open for smart discussions. If you have a question, feel free to post it and weŽll help you!
My e-mail address, where you can submit all your questions, comments or whatever.