Letters to the Fountain
Since I first put online my first Sega Master System web site, that was called "meSMerizeS", in January 1999, and during its whole two-year life after being renamed to its present name, "The Ela Fountain", Iīve received a lot of e-mails about various topics. In January 1999 there were times when I thought nobody was ever going to visit my site, let alone e-mailing me, but time passed, and e-mails started arriving to my mailbox. I thought it would be interesting to post some of these e-mails, that covered a lot of topics, as I said, since some of them were interesting and useful, and some others were simply lame or annoying. Since I donīt know if every message sender would like to see his name printed here, I wonīt include them, and instead of it Iīll invent some silly nicknames, ok? Letīs start the "Letters to the Fountain" compilation 1999-2001!