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This is the Organization for the Preservation of Classic Forms of Gaming. Phew, long name for a really interesting site that includes an import cover archive, import reviews, video game fiction and a great articles section.
Elaīs SMS Links
Any web site, including this one, can be really boring sometimes. So, the typical links section will help you to escape from boredom and discover many other great SMS sites that are out there waiting for you. Iīve picked some of my favourite ones, but if you want your site to be listed here, Iīll be more than happy to include it. Just send me an e-mail with the URL and a banner, if you have one, and it will be listed here as soon as possible!
100% cool sites!
Toshi has created a really useful and informative site, that covers and reviews lots of SMS and Mark III games from the beginning until the very end, with lots or pictures of every detail. A must see, although itīs in Japanese!
Great and classic SMS site from a Mexican fellow. News, reviews, articles, scans, forum, and also coverage of other Sega systems, like the Genesis and the Saturn. Drop by, and tell the webmaster to update! :)
Now this is preservation of the classics! Focused on emulation, this is the place for new or rare roms and all the necessary info about them. Donīt forget to visit the forum of this site that someday will become a true SMS museum.
SMS Zone is another veteran, classic and really complete SMS site. Currently on hiatus, this site once had almost all the necessary stuff and then some more, besides having a mega cool link list. Come on Shion, weīre waiting! :)
This is my little tribute of the best SMS trading site around. Currently down, Eric promises to return really soon, with his classic trade lists and friendly mood...he sent me Miracle Warriors when I was thinking I would never find it!!!
Okay, first let me tell you that I want that URL. From the ashes of SMS Sector, this site is born, well focused on the fan point of view, with plenty of stuff to read. It could be a lot better on the design/layout side, but hey, nobodyīs perfect ;)
This is the Wonder Boy X Theme Station. Donīt panic, the X is not what youīre thinking. Instead, youīll find a nice site devoted to Wonder Boy 3 and WB in general, with a great desktop theme and more stuff (including a drawing of mine)
One of my true favorites! It started from a little site, to become one of the best, and ifkz guy has my eternal respect for being 'Mr. update' for quite a long time. Currently not updated very often (maybe never updated again), but still worth a long visit.
The SMS experience was there in the beginning, itīs there, and will always be. A site from a true SMS fan that has always brought life to the SMS mailing list. Eternal thanks for the trades, Jonathan!
Richard's SMS Page: His collection, accesories and a huge list of PAR codes.
UK SMS Page: Created entirely with Amiga, classic site that features history, peripherals, games and more.
Brooklyn Boy's Games: Interesting site with lots of pics.
The Video Game Critic: Reviews of SMS games.
Meetholas' SMS Domain: This is great, my Spanish SMS friend's SMS page. Not updated anymore, but I'm sure heīll come back to the website world very soon. Hardware mods, collection, oddities, cover scans and more.
The SMS Museum: Huge site with awesome pics and a nice feature of viewer-reviews. After a long time dead, it has returned with all its old glory.
Classic Sega: New and nice-looking site with info about Sega's old and classic times. SMS, SG-1000, SC-3000 and lots more.
Yone's Sega Mark III page: Japanse site (with English version available) that features info about the Japanese console market, reviews, pics and various info.
The Sega Notebook: This site holds a special place in my heart because it was the first SMS site I ever visited, and it showed me there were plenty more (aah, the old days...). Really complete archive of manuals, tips and strategies.
PAF SMS Page: Do not click, this site is not online anymore. Why is it still here? Because it was one of the first sites, and still one of the best. Period. This is a honest memorial link :)
Jag's Videogame Zone: Interesting site about the two main 8 bit systems, the SMS and the...NES. Yes, forget your prejudices and letīs face the existence of the NES :)
Museo de los 8 bits: Huge site in Spanish with information on everything related to classic and old systems. Linked here are the SMS general section and the SMS cover section. The best of the best.
The SMS Generation: Really new site that promises to improve as time passes. Letīs hope so, because the contents are virtually none. Oh, and they stole that pic of the Ys seer from my site, I know it because of the purple background, thieves! :)
Out Run.Org: Web site devoted to my first SMS game. You guessed it, Out Run! Itīs pretty complete and nice looking, but lacks a little magic. Worth a visit, anyway!
Tomorrow's heroes: Not specially SMS related, but his two newsletters, Retrogaming Times and Bit Age Times really deserve recognition!
The Witch is Alive!: Not SMS related at all, but hey, itīs my Stormwitch web site!
Site Awards
Of course, did you doubt it? The Ela Fountain website has won some internet awards! I feel really happy of all four of them, and I hope to keep on receiving awards (especially if they are followed by a prize, SMS games or money!)

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