Mom, I want to work in a magazine!
Magazines, magazines... We all have read, in one way or another, a videogames magazine, right? And they used to be pretty accurate and objective. But as always, there is the stupid journalist that thinks he knows it all. Here you can read and see some "jewels" about that. All of them have been taken from the UK magazine called "Mean Machines Sega", from 1993.
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Yay! We write SMS reviews and we love Mario and plumbers in general!
Yeah, itīs so atmospheric that works like new-age music, you fall asleep in two minutes. Oh, come on, does anybody actually think that Impossible Mission is one of THE classic Sega titles?
Oh, and here is the answer. The person who writes these reviews is actually a NES fan, trying to make the SMS disappear. No problem with the Double Dragon review, itīs pretty accurate, but that picture...??!! Thatīs the -no two players- NES version of Double Dragon!
Hum, yeah, thatīs right. Aztec Adventure is not a great RPG. But wait a Aztec Adventure a RPG? I never thought it was, but...
Oh, and avoid this like the plague! Thatīs a bit too much, isnīt it? Weīre talking about games, not about poisoned rotten kangarooīs shit!
Well, I wonīt critizise the game title typo, because that can happen to anyone. But the review...?
Iīll give my copy of Out Run 3D to anyone that can tell me where are the arcade levels in Miracle Warrior
And Iīll give my copy of Alex Kidd in Shinobi World to anyone that can tell me why this game is supposed to have only "a bit of adventure-style puzzling"
I guess the guy saw the cover, thought "ok, Rastan 2", and wrote the review...
Oh, it seems that the often considered "best RPG ever", and sometimes considered "best videogame ever" is not the best choice, speaking of RPGs for your Master System. Oh, I suppose he likes that great RPG called "Aztec Adventure" better!
Hey mister writer, donīt try to be sarcastic, because you can never be sure of whatīs going to happen in the future. I donīt know what the hell is a Nellie, and I donīt want to know, but everybody, especially our fellows from Brazil, please repeat with me: IDIOT!
If you can, share more magazine jewels with us!