So here it is! The Ela Fountain repository archive. This is not a new update, nor there will be any, unfortunately. So-called "adult life" has given me the chance to break out from those good old "free hosting services" and their ever-increasing plethora of pop-ups, banners and crap, and move on to my own paid server. I thik the Fountain, the first Spanish SMS site, deserved to be seen without any silly ads covering the 70% of the screen. I'm only doing this for the generations to come.

All of the contents, besides this very "intro" words on the main page, will be left untouched, unaltered and "as they were" the last time I updated the site (circa 2003). Complete with broken english, silly pictures, cheesy text, broken links to places that don't exist anymore, horrible photoshops, terribly outdated rarity lists, useless stuff by today's standards (midi files? can I load my iPod with them?) and overall good spirits. I've always hated to see websites die and disappear forever. When you decide to embark on a nostalgia e-trip and try to revisit all those sites that made you happy in the past, and find out only a 2% of them is still online, you feel old.

I'm not really that old, and I haven't outgrown SMS games. In fact, after years of not getting a new game, I've expanded my collection during the last year to a point where I'm almost sure now I have everything I'd ever want and then some. I still have my SMS hooked up to my TV, and I still play games every week. I still curse the gods when a snail kills me in Wonder Boy, I still could sing you the Miracle Warriors tunes a capella and make you fall in love with me, I still cringe everytime I try to play F-16 Fighter and I still love the smell of SMS in a Christmas morning.

However, I don't think I'd had the time or dedication to start updating the Fountain anymore. I could easily find new stupid ideas and things to make fun of, and I'm not much different than I was 10 years ago. I still like to drink, although nobody told me that hangovers would be horrid as time went on, I still like to sleep like no other human being has ever existed, and I still like to write stuff so other people can laugh. But waking up at early hours that should be forbidden by Janken's law, working half a day everyday, and having so many projects going on that always remain unfinished (something that hasn't changed in my life) make me realize it just wouldn't work.

So, wether you're and old friend or a new visitor, I proudly present you what I used to do (besides trying to score the cheapest alcohol in town) in my very late teens and very early twenties, The Ela Fountain, the first Spanish (although writen in English) SMS website, here it is!

-Thöja Enwizz, April 2009

April 16th 2009, Thursday


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