And the most useless section...
All right, here is the typical "About me" section. Just in case you want to know a bit more about me, keep on reading, youll discover a little about what I like, what are my hobbies, and my life in general. Before you ask, no, this is not the best pic of me Ive found! (and Im just posing a bit) :)

My name is Thja Enwizz (well, it actually isnt, but as you can read in the Wizard section, its the name I use in almost everything, except when Im arrested by the police). I was born in 1980 in Zaragoza, a nice city in the north east of Spain. I spent all my life into a religious school, and when I finally finished in 1998, you cant imagine how happy I was. I used to hate it a lot, but it wasnt exactly the teachers who made that place stink, but the classmates. They were the typical stupid ones that think that if you wear long hair and "hippy" clothes, you have to be satanic, into drugs and a bit silly. Fortunately, I made some great friends there, we lived our lives and the rest lived their pathetic ones. Surprisingly enough, as years have passed, Ive become the total opposite person to them, what is great. I guess I learnt how miserable they were, and denied to be even slightly similar to them.
After finishing my high school studies, I spent a year at an academy, preparing myself for a huge "access to university exam" we use to have here in Spain. I met some really great people there, we became good friends, and I spent a happy and cool year there. I still miss that 1999/2000 year, so many great memories (I dont miss my previous years at all, needless to say!).
And finally, I reached the university world. Im currently studying computers science here in Zaragoza, and everything seems to go fine. Ive also met some good friends there, and theres a nice mood. Im having also too many huge parties that use to kill me every Saturday :)
One of my main hobbies, if not the main (besides the SMS, he he) is music. Its one of the few things in life that make me wake up in the mornings, and Id be definitely dead without it. I studied piano for five years, and sol-faing (is that the word? Ive looked for it at the dictionary!) for six years, and after completing them (first degree in the music career), I decided that piano wasnt my scene, and started to play the guitar. One more time, I swapped instruments, and now Ive been playing the bass guitar for six years. Its my favourite instrument, and the one that better fits my personality and way of playing. I played in some heavy metal bands when I started, and after that I played in a 70s rock band. My last band was a jazz-fussion band where I played for one year and a half, it was called "Grey Coconut" and I learnt a lot of things there. I enjoyed very much playing there (we were really good friends), and we were even payed a good amount of money in our shows...that was easily spent in parties! Im a bit lazy lately to find a new band, but I guess Ill have to do it sometime in the future. Id love to play in a symphonic rock band, kinda Yes or early Genesis, but it seems a bit hard to find these days...
I also run a radio show in a local radio station here in Zaragoza since April 2000, and it seems theres people that actually listen to it! Cool, because I use to mix a lot of musical styles there, and people usually like to listen to one way oriented radio shows. Im not paid for making that show, but I enjoy very much doing that (if I havent had a party the previous day, of course). Its called "El Cascanueces" (Nutcracker in English).
Speaking of musical tastes, I use to listen to virtually anything thats good and well done (in my humble opinion), so I can be seen listening to very different bands like Stormwitch, early Queen, Noisehunter, Fleetwood Mac, A-Ha, Stryper, T.Rex, Stranger, Cyndi Lauper, No Trouble, Riot, Pretty Boy Floyd, Steelover, Yes, Genesis, Caravan, Lee Aaron, Veto, Suzi Quattro, Blondie, Autograph and Ill stop here because I could stay for ages speaking about my favourite music...
Other of my main interests are books. I keep alive my "child spirit" and I love fairy tales and all kinds of fantasy stories, but I also read lots of other stuff. One of my favourite authors is Milan Kundera.
And other stuff I like doind is drawing. I used to spent the whole day drawing during class (maybe thats why my grades fell so fast), so I guess Ive practised a lot! I use to draw a style between Japanese manga with my own personal touch, and nowadays Im drawing a comic called "Dreaming Awake", but since Im really laaazy, maybe Ill never finish it. Yes, Im quite lazy, I love sleeping (my parents hate it) and, of course, dreaming. Maybe Im not 100% happy with my life, but dreaming is more than quite pleasant for me. In fact, I often dream when Im awake, walking down the street (because of this I use to crash with light
posts, traffic lights and people), in class, at home... I dont believe in love, the old traditional love that we have had to learn during our lives, but in another kind of love, kinda spiritual, that I hope Ill understand some day. Well, I often dream with finding my half-orange, but this hasnt happened yet, and maybe it doesnt even exist, but Ill keep on trying :) And well, other of my main interests is going to bars and most of the times get drunk :) About religion, I dont believe in anything but my own religion, based on the true story about the wizard that you can read somewhere in this web site. Youll think "so what a stupid religion you believe in" Maybe, but at least it sounds interesting, no? Thats of course where the name Thja comes from.
And well, I think thats all for today, because I dont want to bore you with my adventures. If you find lots of typos, please let me know, and whatever you want, just
e-mail me!