Laura is from Spain like me, and in her extremely nice and funny e-mail told me she's been playing the SMS since she was a child, she was amazed when she found this site and she has laughed a lot with some sections, pics and articles. So she decided to risk her job by taking a pic of her visiting the Ela Fountain while at work and send it to me. So thanks a lot Laura! Your e-mail certainly made my day and encouraged me to update a bit more often. Anyway, since she's also from Spain, I'm sure we'll soon meet to have some beers (she confessed to be also a huge beer-lover) and some laughs.

So what are you waiting for? Do as Laura did, take a pic of yourself while browsing the Ela Fountain, send it to me and let the world see your face! Every picture received will be posted here. Nude, funny or stupid pictures are of course welcome!

Elafountain members

Welcome to the members section, a part of the Ela Fountain that has been in the menu for ages, but where nothing really happened.

Well, this section was going to be used for a silly little project I had in mind, but I couldn't help opening it with something I still hadn't received: an e-mail with a photo included. So far I've received pics of collections, pics of stuff for the site, and lots of e-mails, but none of them were a pic of an actual visitor of the site taken with The Ela Fountain on their monitor.