The SMS website memorial page
So what's this?
Well, I'm afraid it's just a matter of nostalgia. In the 'golden age' of SMS websites, in 1997-1999, when I discovered the SMS internet community, there were lots of great websites that were even updated often. You can't imagine how I enjoyed reading all those memories, stories, reviews...of people that had a true love for the SMS and managed to recapture all its magic with their web pages. Sadly, most of those sites are gone, were closed or simply disappeared without warning.
Luckily, I have lots and lots of files of those sites, that I saved back in the day to my hard drive. If you weren't there when they were online, now you can read them, and if you were, now you can remember about all those fond times of the past.

As soon as I find new stuff in the depths of my hard drive (that's a total mess), I will be adding some more contents of long lost websites. And of course, please note that I didn't write anything that's featured on this page, I just bring back to the internet those web sites that I enjoyed so much, and...if you're the author of something included here and don't want it to be here, just let me know and I'll remove it right away! :)
The SMS Home Page (PAF)
Online since August 1996
One of the first SMS websites ever (if not the first), and also one of the best. It was the first to join most of the SMS internet fans and fill its pages with all kinds of submitted memories, stories, info...and all that with a unique magic and feeling.
PAF excerpts 1: The site story, site FAQ, and some opinions on emulation.
PAF excerpts 2: SMS memories submitted by the site visitors.
PAF excerpts 3: Nice SMS finds submitted by the visitors.
PAF excerpts 4: Game rankings, voted by visitors and the SMS mailing list in 1998.
PAF excerpts 5: Nice story submitted to the site by Matthew R. Kuehn
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