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reinout   23/Jul/2002:19:51:00
Now that 's how to build an SMS-site! Soon I ll publish mine, about the
smartest common gaming machine you can get! It will include a game-list
with at least 436 original games made for sms (also japanese,
brazilian,... games). And why is this the smartest common machine?
Because no other machine in the world will offer you that many
different games, made exclusively by sega for sega with even games on
no other machine released, and now after so many years all those games
became many times (10x) more seldom than NES and far more seldom than
anybody would have thought. Besides it that smart little option, a
build-in game. It is truly the smartest console in the world. (and I m
proud of it).
JAY ACOSTA   08/Jul/2002:23:13:15
Supreme1 09/Jun/2002:21:22:01
Hey Thöja!

I've finally decided to sign your guestbook, so that's what I'm doing :)
As ifkz I'm also wondering if the shirt on the hottie is real, or is
the picture is modified?

Keep up the great work! And may the Sega Master System live forever!
-BoB-   14/Apr/2002:00:35:22
Cool site, been looking for information on some old games I used to
Paul Ramsey   10/Mar/2002:21:34:24
I have to admit this site rocks- great job man! Im a master system
collector as well and so far have managed to raise about 150 titles
complete, im from the uk- email me if u want anything particular for a

keep on updating this site!
thanks Paul
ifkz I still can't think of a good one :) 09/Mar/2002:15:16:33
The SMS site Thoja has put together is consistent at delivering great
content and nostalgia. What I would like to know is this: is the
Wonderboy image on the model's shirt legitimate, or is the image

Oz Snake Peterson   07/Mar/2002:12:47:37
Hey Thöja, you cheated! I was hoping to find more pictures of the
blonde chick on the pic here, and all I get is a guestbook, you're
evil!! :)
Anyway, I've been coming to this site since the very beginnings and I'm
very glad it's still up and full of interesting and funny contents as
always. The best SMS site, man, top class!
I'm already waiting for the next update, so move your ass (and include
more pics of those girls!!) :)
=Oz Snake=
Tyler (ShinobiMan!) 06/Mar/2002:22:35:11
Thoja, you have one hell of a site here. I'm glad to see your still
keeping it up. Thank you for being as kind to me as you have for
the past year or so. You are one of the greats!
Alex   05/Mar/2002:00:49:17
Hola feo. Estoy hablando ahora contigo y me mola tu página, pero le veo
un fallo, no tiene roms :).
Hala, hasta otra.
Thöja The Ela Fountain 04/Mar/2002:03:59:34
Ok, our last guestbook, forum and poll were deleted by the insane employees... Oh well, so this is the new one. It's empty
so far, so don't think twice and let me know what you think of this