This is the first chapter of the memorial series. It features the history of the site, its FAQ, and some little comments about emulation. Nice to read stuff from the early days, remember that I didn't write or edit a single word here, it's writen as it was in the PAF SMS page.
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A Brief Site History
The SMS Home Page was started in August of 1996. It was basically a single page
that said "Sega Master System" and screamed "I don't have an HTML clue!" at the
viewer (all one of them).
The first few months were spent learning code and compiling small reviews of
each Master System game. The site was still just one page, but it was longer.
Not that many people visited those first days, probably even fewer than imagined
due to the fact that there was no counter. Well, we got a counter that worked
about every 5th person that visited the site, so still no idea there.
Despite the "setbacks", the site became quite popular with people that had
forgotten about the Sega Master System. This we know because we finally got a
counter that worked. The fact that it was one of two sites on the internet
devoted to the SMS didn't hurt either (and the only one updated :).
Fast forward to today... SMS culture is alive and well. There are tons of SMS
sites devoted to the SMS and SMS emulation, and this site has progressed to the
largest and most well known "SMS place" on the internet. It has numerous
sections and many more in the planning stages. We would like to thank all of
y'all who have supported us by visiting, buying games, and participating in the
site through the many opportunities herein. No matter how many bits there end up
being in the video game world, we'll always prefer 8.

The Mascot
Yep, the SMS Home now has a Mascot! We have no idea what he's supposed to be,
but his name is Whit, and everyone needs a mascot, or so the theory goes. Lotsa
buttons+mascot=good site. We'll have more on him later when he gets his own

I heard someone say that you should have a mission statement, so here goes.
    We will strive to be the best source for the Sega Master System anywhere.
    We will be devoted to the "sleek black box", not Massage (however amazing
    Massage might be).
    We will keep the site accessible to everyone through the employment of
    smaller graphics (except those great box scans), simpler HTML, and an
    attractive, functional design.
    We will answer your questions, no matter how small.
    We will stick to our guns because no matter what anyone says, My Hero is a
    miserable game.
    We'll be around.   

SMS Home Thanks
        To Clint Dyer for his FAQ and having worked at SOA, also for knowing
        more than me. (just a little)
        To Jeff Bogumil for the great SMS FAQ
        To Nathan Page because he sort of just disappeared, but not before
        helping me figure more out about the European SMS.
        To SMS Central and Chris MacTaggart for providing some web space
        (actually lots) for box scans and for letting us use hardware scans....
        To Bon Sawyer for living in Australia and trying his best to donate some
        web space.
        To Ben Lawson for agreeing with me about the Mono Poly label and for not
        taking it too hard that Black Belt isn't my favorite game.
        To the SMS Mailing list for the little tidbits of information.
        To James McKay (of the Massage emulator) for inspiring me to get off my
        butt and pay more attention to this site due to the number of emu sites
        that sprang up after he created Massage.
        To Stephen Skwish for the great box scans... I wish I knew where he went
        To SOA for not releasing a 16X add-on to the SMS.
        To Matt Lindblom, who paid $125 for Phantasy Star (and does not regret
        it at all), my scanner has been dedicated to you.
        To everyone else who will appear here once I remember you all (or am
        reminded in scathing e-mails)
        To myself, for I am humble.

SMS Home FAQ!!

Can you send me a ROM of (insert game here... usually Phantasy Star)?
No, we have no ROMS or any plans to get any. We may end up using some for
screenshots, but that is under consideration only and only because we already
own the physical games that we would use.
Where can I find PC versions of my favorite SMS games?
I don't know of any direct SMS translations to PC's. You can make your own
version of Rampage if you know BASIC, but otherwise you'll have to go the
emulation route (or get a SMS.... hint.... hint)
I have lost/folded/burnt out/mutilated/etc. my SMS power adapter, what do I do?
Well, you can go to Sega's website and order a replacement part if you want to
spend the cash, but virtually any 9 or 10 volt power supply will work just fine.
I have used a 10V one on a system for a few years, and there hasn't been any
damage that I can see due to the extra volt. Also, the first generation Genesis
adapters and all Sega CD adapters work (so do the TG-16 adapters).
When do you run auctions?
Auctions run on a haphazard schedule, usually when one is run, there isn't
another for at least a few months. If you are on the list you will be notified
prior to any auction.
What does PAF stand for?
Well, I can't tell you. The meaning of PAF is a closely guarded secret known to
only a handful of people in the world. Perhaps sometime in the near future we'll
have some kind of contest.
Who's that on the front page?
That would be the SMS Home mascot. More on him when he gets his own page.
More questions will be added as time goes on.

First off, all requests for emulator files (including games and programs) will
be summarily ignored. I don't have them, and I don't want them. To help you
emulation heathens out (if, in fact, you are) there are a few emu sites on the
link page.

Emulation Rant, a self-righteous display of disdain.
Now, some of you can get hacked off if you want to, but I will no longer answer
questions pertaining to emulation (not that I did a whole lot before). There
were over a million Master Systems sold in the US during its life span, and a
great number are rotting in flea markets, closets, and the odd landfill. Go find
one. There is nothing like plugging in a vintage Master System (or SMSII) and
grasping that oh-so-superior control pad. Alex Kidd should never be mocked in
all the pixellated glory that a 17" moniter can muster. He must be played in
200-300 lines of TV resolution. There must be, when the phone rings, a frenzy of
activity as you dive for the pause button and the phone at the same time, hoping
that you get at least one of them. Hard to find games are that much more
gratifying when you finally see that copy of Phantasy Star peeking out of a box
in some old, musty store than if you let Yahoo do the walking. I realize that
sometimes emulation is the only way to try hard to find or import titles, but at
least get a real SMS so you can feel halfway good about it. Voice some support.
E-mail me at and your comments will be posted for all to see.
Perhaps, in some small way, we can change the world...... or at least cuss a
little bit.

To those of you who play the "SMS" (term used loosely here) through emulation:
Sorry, but you're missing the real experience. I'm not saying I'm against
emulation, indeed, I've tried several of the ROMs myself to preview games I
don't own, but it is *not* the real thing. If you like the games, I urge you to
get a Master System and a few games. I've seen the system for sale for US$5 in a
video game store in Florida, and the games? They're for sale all over the
Internet for *cheap*. You can get ten for under US$50 in most auctions, more for
the same price in others.

    This site's content, excepting the property of Sega and its licencees, is
    copyright 1996, 97, and 98 PAF and Glouriously Buff Publishing, all rights