Third chapter of the PAF memorial page, this one features good and nice finds of SMS stuff. You all know there's nothing better like coming home with a bag full of new SMS games for your collection, found at low prices. The PAF visitors also sent this to the website. Enjoy!
Remember that I didn't write or edit a single word here, it's writen as it was in the PAF SMS page.
Well here you go. Did you make the find of the century and no one in your family
or circle of friends cares? Drop me a line and I will put it here for the world
to see. You may inspire someone to try and emulate (no pun intended) your
greatness. You may even cause some tears. In the end, though, the world is a
better place for that box of games I picked up last year at the local flea for
two bucks and found R-Type, Wonder Boy, and a host of other treasures.... Search on.... or go back

12/29/97--We start off with something that even made me, the hub of the SMS
internet sub-culture ;) cry a river......
Hi! about a year ago or so i went to an estate sale reluctantly with my parents (its raining out! i dont want to go!) well they made me anyway, and i was wandering around by myself, when i spotted a large black plastic thing in a box along with a fake xmas tree.. humm... i said to myself. i dug around a bit and found it was a sms.. i didnt know what the hell it was, but i knew sega, and it must be good.. i dont think anyone else saw it in there, so i grabbed the xmas tree and placed it over the sms in the box and waited like a poised cobra, just waiting for the auctioneer to rattle off numbers for this 'xmas tree.' the time finially came, and when he got to the 'xmas tree' he started off at 5 bucks.. i waited. no one else said a word. 3 bucks.. still waiting.. ok folks, a dollar for this fine xmas tree.. chaching! my hand shot up, and i was the proud new owner of a sms! i brought it home and was amaized to find a set of 3d glasses along with it! a big trackball like thing, and a little joystick.. (no standard pads).. well it didnt have any
games, and just yesterday at a local holeinthewall hobbieshop.. while getting
some magic cards, i noticed the rows and rows of atari, and nintendo games.. i
asked him about sms games, he thought for a minute.. and showed me to a corner where 3 games sat like they had been thrown there years ago.. COOL!! the guy was willing to let them go for 5 bucks each.. i waited him out until he got rid of all 3 for 5 bucks.. what luck! i got home, and i couldnt find the damn sms-tv
cord.. AGH!! i still havent found it.. im going to go do some more searching
after i send this..

1/2/98 -- Scott
Here we have a story of rediscovered SMS bliss and also an
inspiration to you "lookers who have not found".... or something like
that......About a year ago I rediscovered my SMS and I have been collecting
games and accesories for it ever since. My greatest series of finds (so far)
began a few weeks ago. When I looked around a local thrift shop in my area, I
found a complete SMS system, with all the necessary hook-ups, two controllers,
and a light phaser. I snagged it up for $17 as a backup just in case my original
should ever fail. When I returned the next day they had a few games out
including Paperboy, R-Type, Double Dragon, and Rampage. I picked up the almost complete Paperboy for $5 (I already had the others). When I returned a few days later, I found a complete copy of Time Soldiers, and I picked it up for $5. Not a bad run of luck.

1/25/98 -- Bon Sawyer
Now see.... this kind of thing makes me wish I was from Australia.Now this is
hardly the find of a century, but I'm pretty pleased! My friend (who just went
to Perth for a holiday) found me a _new_ SMS game "Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean
Machine" for Au$3.50 (about US$2.30). Cool or what? :-)