Fourth chapter of the PAF memorial. This time we have a games ranking, that took place in 1998, in both the website and the SMS mailing list. I wasn't there to vote (no internet connection yet!), but we can remember what people thought back then. Enjoy!
Remember that I didn't write or edit a single word here, it's writen as it was in the PAF SMS page.
Here's where you can sound off about your favorite and also your most least-est
favorite games of all time. It's easy! All you have to do is send us your 5
favorite or least favorite Master System games. The results will be updated on a
"when we get votes" basis. The scoring is as follows: games get 10 points for
first choice, 8 for second, and 6 for third..... (It's the old days of track
scoring all over again). Send in your votes! Or... you can go back home.
Right below that is what the Sega mailing list considers to be the best games
(by category) along with some comments from us, the good folks at the SMS Home (We would like to thank Bon Sawyer of the SMS Zone for his graciously allowing us to use his statistics).

In the no changes in order, just in votes, PS will probably be the first to get
over 100.... who knew? We have about 5 voters to get through, so it will
probably change in a few days.

Ten Best Game Votes
            1.) Phantasy Star 94
            2.) Alex Kidd 150
            3.) Golden Axe Warrior 28
            4.) Space Harrier 26
            5.) Y's 26
            6.) Golvellius 14
            7.) Shanghai 14
            8.) Choplifter 14
            9.) Psycho Fox 12
            10.) Mickey Mouse: Castle of Illusion 6

Ten Worst Game Votes
            1.) F-16 30
            2.) My Hero 24
            3.) The Ninja 18
            4.) Great Football 16
            5.) Spy vs. Spy16
            6.) Black Belt 10
            7.) Shooting Gallery 8
            8.) Cloud Master 8
            9.) Rambo II 6
            10.) E-Swat 6

The Best Games According to the SMS Mailing List
BEST RPG's Game Comments
            1.) Phantasy Star: This I have no problem with. Enough Said.
            2.) Y's: This belongs in the top three, but not at number two.
            3.) Miracle Warriors: WHAT?? This is a good game, but Golden Axe
            Warrior definately deserves the #2 spot and this should be delegated
            to "recieved votes".

            1.) Psycho Fox: Oh man, I can see I am going to
            have to get angry.
            2.) Wonder Boy 3: Well, yeah, I guess so.
            3.) Alex Kidd 1: In my opinion, the best platformer, bar none. Mickey
            could have been here too. Psycho Fox is a good game, just not as
            good. I'm done now.

            1.) Reggie Jackson Baseball: Hey! That's true!
            2.) California Games: Yes, this game does kick some serious butt.... I
            can hack like a banshee.
            3.) Walter Payton Football: The best football sim on the SMS, which,
            while not saying much, is something..... yeah..... I just love
            hearing "INTERCEPTION"!

            1.) R-Type: Yes! Yes! Yes! This is what I'm saying.
            2.) Space Harrier: I'd include the 3D version in here too.
            3.) AfterBurner: Also one of the most frustrating. You spend all that
            time to get to the 13th level, just to find out that you can't fly
            sideways anymore to avoid missiles...... and then you die. AB barely
            beat out Fantasy Zone

            1.) Gangster Town: I love shooting the guys after
            they're already dead... that and the hostages.
            2.) Rescue Mission: This game came within inches of winning.
            Definitely the most original shooter I've ever seen.
            3.) Wanted: Almost beat out by Rambo III, but what could be better
            than sticking your phaser in a holster you made in "Bachelor Living"
            and quick drawing the screen? Well.... er.... never mind.

             1.) Rampage: Nothing even comes close. As good as the
            arcade and 32 bit versions, that's how great this game is.
            2.) Double Dragon: I always like to bring this game up when discussing
            SMS vs NES.
            3.) Shinobi: Almost beat by Rastan; I usually tend to go with Rastan.
            Shinobi plays better, but Rastan has naked chicks.

            1.) Penguin Land: Another totally unique Sega game.
            Plus you can design your own levels. No problems here.
            2.) Columns: Simple fun
            3.) Shanghai: This game kicks on a long trip with a Game Gear adapter,
            especially if you're driving.

            1.) Zaxxon 3D: Takes some getting used to, but then...
            2.) Space Harrier 3D: Seriously, not first place?
            3.) Missile Defense 3D: The best phaser game. The effects are

            1.) Outrun: By a landslide. I agree.
            2.) Action Fighter: It's a driving game for some of the time, but
            there's no denying it's fun.
            3.) Hang-On: Simple neverending entertainment at its best. See which
            of your friends can beat the best time. I don't remember mine, but
            it's so low that you would gawk in amazement.

            1.) Ghost House: At first, "Best Card Games" sounds
            like an oxymoron, but there are some good games. (hint: F-16 is not
            one of them)
            2.) Super Tennis: The only tennis game for the US SMS is on a card.
            Get a SMS I or else.
            3.) Teddy Boy: This game is insanely fun for no apparent reason. Where
            is Spy vs. Spy?

            1.) Phantasy Star: Did anyone really expect
            different? anyone?
            2.) Wonder Boy III: Look up at the platform game list.... are you
            confused? I am.
            3.) Psycho Fox, Alex Kidd, Golden Axe Warrior, and a lot of other
            games make my list higher, but this isn't my list so I shall deal
            with it.