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Elaīs past stupid polls: The Costume Party
Oh yeah, the winner, out of 36 votes, was Joe Mushashi, a character that everybody seems to love! Maybe thatīs because he appeared in one of the best Sega games ever? Maybe thatīs because of his katana? I donīt know, but the good old Tom-Tom was pretty close. Better luck next time, Wonder boy!
Some people even would be willing to go transvestite and dress up like Alis. Ok, letīs make a real SMS costume party and letīs discover if they were lying!
Well, the comments were not very informative...better than nothing at all, anyway! I specially love the 12/6/00 one, that shows the old theory that says: "as long as there is life on Earth, there will be stupid people". Or even better: %&$=?%& people.