Ela´s past stupid polls: F-16 Fighter
Out of 48 unique votes, the winning option was obviously "It's a piece of sh*t". I know it was originally a SG-1000 game, but the quality is so low it shouldn't have appeared for the SMS. But wait, F-16 makes 14 people wet their underwear! Talk about fetish obsessions. 8 persons didn't know if it was a NES game, and the mother in law of 4 lucky persons is an SMS game.
And here are the comments. I must admit that the fifth one is a nice way to describe the feelings this person is experiencing when he discovers there's hair on his axila. Very funny comments.
We have the NES-lover too. But wait, nobody said that NES games were horrible, it was just another option to choose, and it could be "marvelous" or "horrible", depending on your tastes.
Comment number 2: My suggestion is -Don't-