SMS Tales
Welcome to one of the most interesting sections of the Ela Fountain, the SMS Tales. This could also be called "Misc" section, or whatever, because here you´ll find virtually everything that doesn´t fit in the other parts of the Fountain, such as reviews, memories, stories, weird stuff, you know the topic. This is also the interactive part, since you can submit (and I would be really glad if you did) all you want to say about the SMS. Your memories, reviews, comments, discoveries, great finds and these kind of things. Feel free to send your stuff here, and it will be posted here as soon as possible. Enjoy!
My SMS story. I couldn´t help telling you about that!
Me and the SMS. Submitted by my friend Meetholas, translated by me (so I´m the one to blame if there are some mistakes)
Atari, Sega and Nintendo comeback plan for videogames  A nice article from 1986 about the hopes of the *back then* big videogame companies
Mom, I want to be a journalist! Or how everybody can work in a videogames magazine
Wonder Boy speaks! Useless and silly interview with Wonder Boy about his adventures
SMS collections from everywhere on Earth!  You can see here pictures of other fellow collectors' collections. You can even send your own pics, so be sure to take a look!
Collecting the SMS. My personal comments about one of the most exciting hobbies
New games vs old games. An interesting discussion that took place on the SMS mailing list
Sega of America online. My humble and unsuccesful attemp to make Sega of today speak about the SMS
The SMS test. Discover if you´re a true SMS maniac (adults only)
You´ve been playing too much SMS. Professor Playor gives you his advice about your health
The SMS in Spain: The story of the SMS in my country returns from the ashes of meSMerizeS