We always have made tests to discover useless and stupid things like love compatibility, self esteem, and so. Of course, the SMS couldnīt be less, and here you have the definitive SMS test. With it, youīll discover how much you love your SMS, and a little explanation of your gaming status. But donīt take it too seriously, since this is another stupid invention of myself to fill a web site.
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The SMS Test!
Question 1: Youīre drifting around your local videogame store when you see the pile of SMS games at the price of $5 each. You can see a mint copy of Phantasy Star is on the top. Suddenly, a guy takes it to take a look at it, with a Iīm-boring-so-Iīm-going-to-look-these-crap-games face. Then he starts talking with another guy next to him about the high school old times...while holding the game! Then you...
a)...wait patiently until they stop talking because heīs obviously not going to buy the game.
b)...get sick, kill the guy, take the game and donīt stop running until you get home.
c)...quickly ask the guy if heīs going to buy it, quickly pay it and quickly go home to brag on the SMS list.

Question 2: You are in a second-hand book store, looking for some interesting books to read during the summer, when you notice an old and dirty copy of Aztec Adventure next to a pile of old computer magazines. You donīt have this game, so you pick it up and when you open it at home, you find out that the cart itīs not Aztec Adventure. Itīs a dusty cart without label. When you try it on your SMS, the game turns to be an erotic version of Phantasy Star, from 1987. You...
a)...wouldnīt have bought the game in the first place, because you want your games to be clean and mint.
b)...sell it for $30000.
c)...get infinitely happy, play it until the end (w-what is Alis doing now?!) and try to masturbate.

Question 3: Youīre playing Captain Silver, and when in stage 6 you face the ghost of Captain Silver, about to end the game, you lost your last life. Then you...
a)...hit "up + button 1" (continue feature), and restart the level with hope.
b)...full of anger turn off your SMS by kicking it, fill your house with gasoline and burn it, kill everybody in the street with a katana, and then change your sex and become a nun.
c)...turn off your SMS and go watch TV. Anyway, itīs a crap game...

Question 4: Your girlfriend has just left you. Sad and depressed, you are in your room and start playing Wonder Boy. Suddenly, in stage 1-1, the first snail kills you twice. You...
b)...commit suicide
c)...go out and get drunk

Question 5: Youīve been away on holydays, and when you return, some has entered your house and stolen everything, including your 250 SMS games collection. Then you...
a)...go to the window and scream these words very loud: "Myau is going to get you, wicked thief, and then there will be no mercy for you!!!"
b)...start to steal every SMS game you can, until you reach 500 games. Then you sell them all and become a drug-addict.
c)...resignated, start collecting again, and call the insurance company.

Question 6: Itīs Saturday night and youīre drunk with some friends in a pub. Suddenly, you notice your beer jar is transforming into Alex Kidd. You...
a)...get ashamed of what could your friends think about you, and quickly throw the jar far from you.
b)...excited, put it on the floor and start adoring it.
c)...think you havenīt drunk enough, and ask for a whiskey (you want to see Alis!)

Question 1 - a) 3 pts b) 10 pts c) 5 pts
Question 2 - a) 3 pts b) 5 pts c) 10 pts
Question 3 - a) 5 pts b) 10 pts c) 3 pts
Question 4 - a) 3 pts b) 10 pts c) 5 pts
Question 5 - a) 5 pts b) 10 pts c) 3 pts
Question 6 - a) 3 pts b) 10 pts c) 5 pts

·18-32 points: Well, you are not a SMS maniac at all. In fact, you are far from being it... If you continue with this attitude, your SMS sub-life will never be exciting and rewarding. You just have to be a bit more "aggressive". Good luck!
·33-46 points: It seems you are almost the perfect SMS player and collector. You know how to difference gaming from life, and in which situations you have to react and in which ones not. Right!
·47-60 points: God, youīre a real SMS maniac! But donīt get too excited, you need medical help, and as soon as possible. You have serious problems that donīt let you make any differences between your real life and your "other" life. Now go to the hospital!

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