This is, obviously, the thanks section, where I try to thank everybody that have helped me, in one way or another, during the most recent past. Some are SMS related, some not :)
Thanks go to...
Thank you!
• Mom, for buying me an SMS in 1988
• My sister Raquel
• People I´ve traded games with: Jonathan Krenz, Ifkz guy, Eric Rist and the rest
• My friends from Zaragoza, my city (Emilio, Jesús, Fortea, Alberto, Raúl...)
• The people in my class: Sergio, Álvaro, Cuadra, Eduardo, Gonzalo and the rest
• The people that have given me their SMS games for free :)

• My friend Marcos for the SMS (and not SMS) past
• Annabelle
• Meetholas Redspell
• Stormwitch, Stryper, Cyndi Lauper, Fleetwood Mac, Boston, Stranger, Noisehunter, Vixen, Jade, Yes, Rush, Veto and all the millions of bands I like
• The people that actually listen to my radio show
• The Wizard
• Ela, Royal, Gyom, Thöja and everybody in the Magic Land
• And you, for reading all these boring lines!
Hope I didn´t forget anyone!!