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Subject: Warrior Quest??
Good evening,
When i first got master system games, it was near 1990. In that time, i
usually bought games in which there was always a paper with other games for master system. I saw once a game called " Warrior Quest". I ve never found that game. I suppose this game has got another name in other countries. Coud u help me to find it?

Good evening!
Oh, Warrior Quest doesn't exist under that name. It was the announced name of a game that was going to appear in the US/American market, and maybe other countries, but never was, at least under this name, since it was finally released as Spellcaster, a game that as far as I know was also released in Brazil (your country). It's often featured in some "not very accurate" game lists that can be found in the internet, those lists that also feature titles like Double Dragon 2 or Thunder Blade 2, although noone has ever seen them... As always, I might be wrong in all this Warrior Quest stuff! :)

Subject: Hang On box
I've seen in your collection that you have Hang On (card version). I have it too, and I found it at a car boot sale, but unfortunately it didn't come with a box. Could you send me a scan or a photocopy?

I got my copy of Hang On (card) with my very first SMS console, back in 1988. The package was called simply Master System, and came with the console, two pads, hook ups and Hang On card, with the plastic sleeve but without a box. So now, in an attempt of sounding like the ultimate god of the Master System, I would say: "so a separate edition of the Hang On card version was never released, you won't find a box anywhere". But I said that in the SMS mailing list, and was publicly humiliated, since someone claimed to have it. So it does exist, product number 4080. And as you have guessed, no, I can't send you a scan beause I don't have it (wish I did, what a nice game is Hang On).

Subject: Why not in Spanish?
(This e-mail was obviously sent in Spanish, but I'll translate it)
Hi Thöja,
Hey, if you're Spanish, why the hell are you writing your website in English? There are some people that can't read English good enough to understand what you write, and this is one of the few sites about the SMS that are not focused only on emulators. Can I expect a translation soon?

Oh, a really interesting question...
I've been asked many many times about this. Why am I making this website in English? Well, in the first place, I love English, and I try to improve my knowledge everyday (forgive me if you find too much errors, I try my best!), and writing a website is one of the best ways to practise. Besides, I've found out that the true spirit of SMS collecting is outside Spain. Sad but true, I know hardly five Spaniards that really enjoy playing and collecting SMS stuff (having a CD-R with all the released roms inside your drawer doesn't count), while I know hundreds (maybe that's a bit too much!) of people from Canada, France, Japan, UK or the US that share this hobby. And everybody wants to reach a wider audience when making such an artistic work like this website (am I sounding pedantic?), and English is obviously the international language (too bad Esperanto failed so miserably). No, no Spanish translation on the way, but who knows what happen in the future?

Subject: Music
You say you like music so much. Tell me your favorite band, album and song.

Oh, not very SMS related...not SMS related at all, and it sounds like an order. Ah, it doesn't matter, but I'm afraid I won't be able to pick only one for each category.
Favorite band: Possibly Queen (in the Seventies), Stormwitch comes very close and so do Stryper, Yes, Mike Oldfield or Fleetwood Mac.
Favorite album: Maybe "A Night at the Opera", by Queen.
Favorite song: Impossible to answer. Now I'm listening to Boston's "More than a Feeling", so that will have to work, but it's not my all-time favorite :)

Subject: Drink???
Hey wassup, love your site. But what is that strange drink inside the plastic glass in your "about me" photo?

Hey, thanks. That's a common drink here in Spain, called "calimocho", a mixture of wine and Coca-Cola. You can get a decent amount of it for cheap, and return home using your arms and legs to walk (and have a terrible hangover the following day). Don't you drink that there in.....there?
By the way, I was posing for that photo, I had just arrived so I wasn't that drunk ;)

Subject: Pause, please
Hi Ela!
I've always found very unpleasant the fact the pause button is on the SMS console, not in the control pad. Any way of fixing that?

Oh, I'm not Ela.
I think I did read something about bringing the pause button to your controller in the SMS Faq (you can find it somewhere in this site), but it seemed very hard to accomplish (at least for me), so I can't help you very much with this. Take a look, and see if you're more skilful than me with this electronic stuff (and if you succeed, tell me how you did it!). By the way, if you look at that in an optimistic way, it's always funny to jump on your SMS console when the telephone rings, or when you want to put out the light of your cigarette, only to hit the reset button by mistake, because you forgot where the pause was (has happened to me many times, oops).