Opa Opa Special
Opa Opa is one of the most loved SMS characters ever. He appeared in three SMS games (Fantasy Zone, Fantasy Zone 2 and Fantasy Zone: The Maze). It's a winged spaceship that fights for justice, etc, etc, blah blah. But what do we know about his family? We know Upa Upa, his cousin (?), that appeared in The Maze, and we also know his father, that was in fact the leader of the bad guys. But, hidden into some SMS games, there are hints that can help us discover a bit more about Opa Opa's family....
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ĽOpa Opa and co. in Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars
In this Alex Kidd game, we can find a box where one of the stars of Aries is hidden inside. But that box is actually very similar to...Opa Opa! Some sources say that he's in fact Opa Opa's father who, not happy with being the leader of the evil Menon forces, helped stealing the starts from the skies of Aries too. Poor Opa Opa, now we can understand his terrible addiction to alcohol and sniffing glue.
ĽOpa Opa and co. in Zillion and Zillion 2
Yes, it's not a secret for anyone that Opa Opa makes a special guest apparition in Zillion. But he's just the normal character, not a friend or relative.
But here we have a new character, found in Zillion 2. This time he attacks our friend JJ, but who could it be? Some sources say he's Opa Opa's father again, dressed in a white pajamas so nobody could recognise him, but that's very unlikely.
ĽOpa Opa and co. in Alex Kidd in Miracle World
What's this? Oh, another character that could perfectly fit in Opa Opa's family, because of its shape and wings. Some sources say this is Roland, Opa Opa's gay uncle. He was always ashamed of his ridiculous small wings, grew a big moustache in order to look a bit more 'masculine', but always caused some good laughs on his friends and even family. Poor man, now we can understand he loved young boys so much...
ĽOpa Opa and co. in Teddy Boy
We have found him! It's Roland again, this time in a cool front picture. It seems that, after being publicly humiliated, changed his name to Dharman, an indeed more frightening name, went to surgery to make his wings a bit bigger, and started beating the crap out of Teddy Boy. Don't tell Opa Opa about this, he would be really disappointed to have such an insane family...