The story of the Wizard
Most of the old visitors of the Ela Fountain will remember reading that totally uninteresting and non-SMS related story about that weird adventure about a wizard that once happened to me.
Well, after becoming famous in my city for telling strange stories like this to everybody, I´ve decided to keep it online. Please keep in mind that this story is totally true, and I´m not mad, crazy, and definitely not into heavy drugs. So, if you´re slightly interested, forget the SMS for a little and keep on reading!
Wizard time!
Well, it all started the March 8th 1997, it was Saturday and about 12:30am. I had just arrived from a party night and I had stayed with some friends in bars and so, having fun. Well, I was a bit tired and sleepy, so I decided to smoke a cigarette in the window, to avoid bad odors in my room, and go to bed early (I think the following Sunday I had to study a lot, back then I actually used to sleep), and so I did. I did light the cigarette and I was more or less in the middle of it when... suddenly a star bigger than the rest appeared. It was brighting and flashing wild for about a minute while I was thinking "What´s going to happen?" Then -believe or not- a Wizard appeared. It was the typical wizard of fairytales, with white hair, long
beard and he was dressed in blue with lots of silver stars. I though "Right, I´m very drunk tonight, let´s sleep" but soon I did remember that I hadn´t drank almost anything, so it was really happening. I awaited there, with an stupid face, but soon the Wizard started to shout at me. He said to me: "Hurry up, Thöja! Cross the blue door! Come on!" I thought "Thöja? Who is he?" when I saw a blue path that came from my window to a strange blue door under a funny face. I assumed that, with my horrible sense of equilibrium, I was going to fall and die (I live in a 9th floor), but I tried to reach that blue door and I managed to do that! The following thing I remember is falling down a long tunnel, and seeing a character very similar to me, but shorter, and then appearing in a strange green land, full of trees and a house, to soon find out that I was then the short character I had met before!! I ran to the house in search of answers and guess what, there was the Wizard. I told him "What´s going on???!" and he told me the following... "Welcome to the Magic Land, Miguel. This is an alternate dimension where all the people from your world has a mirror character, but you´re all shorter here and you all have a different name. Yours is Thöja Enwizz; this name translated to the magical symbols and translated again to your language means "Ela", and this is my message to you: search for the mirror character of Ela in your world and you´ll be happy forever with her. You are the chosen one to be the following wizard in the Magic Land. Until then, you´re only an apprentice. Now bye, and be sure we´ll meet very often". I thought "Heh, Ela, no? Right. Is this a dream?" But I wanderer in the Magic Land that night, and the following, and a lot more, and I met people, some of them I recognised from my real land, like Emilio (who´s called Royal in the Magic Land, so shameful), a nice cat-monkey called Gyom, an angry girl called Zanna... It´s been a long time since the last time I crossed the blue door to go to the Magic Land, it seems like I´m still an apprentice and my time hasn´t came yet... I still haven´t found Ela here. I wonder how will she look like...but one thing I know, I´m willing to meet her! Maybe one day of these I will, and we´ll talk about the Wizard, the blue door and all of our adventures in the strange and beautiful Magic Land :)
Ela, Thöja, Gyom and Royal
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