Hi everybody! Iīm Bock Lee Temjin, but you friends can call me Tom Tom, and Iīm better known as Wonder Boy, because Iīm wonderful and Iīve saved the world many many times. In this little page Iīll tell you about all my adventures and also my descendants'
Shut up already, you little selfish bastard! Stop bothering the visitors and please start telling us about your wonderous stories...
Ok Tanya, Iīll begin!
Released on Arcade (8 bit), Master System, Game Gear, SG-1000 and most of the 8 bit computers, like Spectrum, MSX, C-64...Also released on Game Boy, SuperNes, NES and PCEngine under the name of Adventure Island with different graphics

This was my very first adventure, I was nothing but a child then, when the evil king kidnapped my loved Tanya. I was about to have lunch when I found it out, so I had to get as many food as I could on my way to the king, such as milk, tomatoes, bananas...(Thöja, please donīt ask me again where did I keep all those axes, you know itīs a secret) Yes, it was a hard journey, through forests, caves...and a lot of disgusting animals were against me, but after seven long days and nights, I finally faced the evil king and, after hitting him with my skateboard on his low parts (this is the part of the story never told!), I rescued Tanya and we lived happily for a couple of years.

Released on Arcade 8 bit, Master System, PCEngine and most of the 8 bit computers, like Spectrum, C-64... Called "Monster World" in Japan. It was rereleased in Brazil with Monica instead of Wonder Boy.

Well, the time passed, and now I was a young warrior about to live my first big adventure. An evil Dragon from other dimension came to Wonder Land and he brought with him lots of creatures like mushrooms, bats, demons... my land soon became "Monster Land" and the people soon asked me to save our country. I tried to escape, but finally I was forced to do it :( At least I did very well, and I found out that Meka was a robot, incredible. His castle was a damned maze, I got lost a few times, but luckily I had the bell that guided me to the beast
. I donīt know how Zoop was able to make an SMS emulator called MEKA, if he would have had to fight him, he wouldnīt be so fond of that bastard dragon!

WONDER BOY III:The Dragonīs Trap
Released on Master System, Arcade?, Game Gear, Mega Drive? and PCEngine. Called "Dragonīs Curse" on PCEngine and "Monster World 2" in Japan. Rereleased in Brazil with Monica instead of Wonder Boy.

Well, I knew I shouldnīt do it! After killing the dragon, he turned me, using his breath, into a lizard-man. Darn! What would Tanya say at my return? She would leave me! I couldnīt live in this disgusting (although cute) shape, so I had to look for the Salamander Cross all over the land, killing Mekaīs draconian friends and all sort of creatures. The only good thing about my new dragon shape was I could easily light my cigarettes without a lighter (I always lose them) Yes, finally I did it, but my shape changed to lion-man, bird-man, piranha-man and even mouse-man! It was a bit disgusting but, now that so many years have passed, I found it funny and, to be my last adventure, it was great!

Released on Arcade 16 bit, Mega Drive and PCEngine.

Well, the heroes of this adventure are Leo and Priscilla, but I donīt know who are them! Maybe theyīre my grandson and granddaughter, but since I never go to family reunions and so, Iīm not very sure. I still canīt figure out how the hell they managed to shoot fireballs and all sorts of stuff from their swords. Iīve tried a lot, but Iīm unable. Itīs a shame that two rotten kids humiliate me this way.

Released on Mega Drive, Genesis and Master System, called "Monster World 3" in Japan

Oh, this is the good old Shion, one of my descendants that had to save Monster Land again. He did a great job, but last week I got a letter from him and he told me he was playing the drums in a glam rock band. His blue hair is a bit shameful, but Iīm very proud of his adventures. He had to fight again against mushrooms, sea creatures, and all kinds of evil forces, and when he told me about his quest, he reminded me a lot of my adventure in search of the Salamander Cross.

The first two ones released on PCEngine, the third released on Mega Drive (Japan)

Well, I donīt have very much to say about these ones. Bikkuri man was the guy next door who tried to emulate my legendary actions, and in fact he saved the world again! And in MonsterWorld 4, Asha, the heroine, was a friend of Tanya (with the same hair style, by the way) who also saved the world (this world is becoming unhabitable, right?).

Wonder Boy (SMS & SG-1000)
Wonder Boy in Monster Land (Arcade & Spectrum)
Wonder Boy 3: The Dragonīs Trap, SMS & Brazil SMS version
Monster Lair Arcade
Wonder Boy in Monster World (Mega Drive)
Monsterworld 4 (Mega Drive), Bikkuri Man (PC Engine)