Welcome to the reviews section of The Ela Fountain. The basic idea behind this section, previously called 'Game of the Month', was exactly that, reviewing a game every month. But soon I discovered what I had feared: my absolute laziness wasn't going to let me write about a game monthly, so either I tried to convince the people that a month equals two years, or the name had to be changed to 'Game of the Mo.....ment'. So, game reviews will appear here on an unknown and unpredictable basis, but be sure you will get the most in-depth reviews, silly comments and interesting pictures and scans, with all you ever wanted to know about SMS games.

Pick your favourite game from the ones available, grab a beer, read on, and enjoy!

Game of the mo...ment

· Black Belt, 1986, reviewed some day in December 2000
· My Hero, 1986, reviewed in May 2002